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The new head of Ant Financial’s international operations hopes to one day offer its Alipay ewallet services to European consumers, after signing deals on Tuesday with four financial groups that will allow its 450m Chinese customers to pay for more goods in the region.蚂蚁金服(Ant Financial)国际业务新任主管回应,期望有一天需要为欧洲消费者获取其支付宝(Alipay)电子钱包服务。他在周二与四家金融集团签订了协议,令其蚂蚁金服的4.5亿中国客户需要在欧洲为更好商品缴付。

“120m Chinese travellers went abroad in 2015 and that’s growing at 18 per cent a year. The vast majority of whom use Alipay,” Doug Feagin told the Financial Times after signing deals with BNP Paribas in France, Barclays in the UK, UniCredit in Italy and SIX Group in Switzerland.在与法国巴黎银行(BNP Paribas)、英国巴克莱银行(Barclays)、意大利裕信银行(UniCredit)及瑞士证券交易所集团(SIX Group)签订协议之后,道格拉斯.费根(Douglas Feagin)向英国《金融时报》回应:“2015年中国出境游客有1.2亿,而且该数字一年快速增长18%。这些人绝大多数是支付宝用户。

”“The first part of our international mission is enabling them to buy things with Alipay,” Mr Feagin said.费根回应:“我们国际化愿景的第一步,就是让他们可以用支付宝卖东西。”Alipay, owned by Ant Financial, the payments affiliate of China’s Alibaba ecommerce group, will now be able to offer its customers the ability to use its popular ewallet to pay for goods at more than 930,000 merchants across Europe.支付宝隶属于蚂蚁金服,后者是中国电商集团阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的缴纳服务关联企业。如今,支付宝客户将可以在欧洲逾93万个商家,用这种低人气电子钱包缴付购物。

Mr Feagin said the group was rapidly adding to its banking and retail partnerships in Europe and the US, where it is already working with payment providers such as Ingenico, First Data, Worldpay and Verifone. The company has also signed a deal with Uber to allow its Chinese customers to pay using Alipay globally.费根回应,该集团正在很快减少在欧美的银行业和零售业合作伙伴。该集团在美国早已与Ingenico、First Data、Worldpay和Verifone等缴纳服务提供商积极开展合作。此外,该公司还与优步(Uber)签订协议,以容许其中国客户在全球用支付宝缴付。Alipay processes about 250m transactions a day and supports more than 2m Chinese retail businesses. The obvious next step is to offer its payment services to international consumers, rather than simply to Chinese travellers and expats.支付宝每天处置的交易大约为2.5亿笔,反对逾200万家中国零售企业。

对该公司来说,显著的下一步是向国际消费者获取其缴纳服务,而不只是服务于中国游客和海外华人。“We want to expand the user base into different markets and are evaluating how to do that,” said Mr Feagin. “In some markets we think we can do that organically by offering the Alipay app, but in others we are doing it through partnerships.”“我们期望将用户群扩展至有所不同市场,目前正在评估如何做这一点。”费根回应,“在某些市场,我们指出我们可以通过获取支付宝app,以有机方式做这一点。而在其他市场,我们于是以通过合作构建这一目标。